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Vision and Values


China FAW Group Co.,Ltd., founded as the 'First Automobile Works', is the birthplace of China's automotive industry. As China's oldest and largest passenger car, bus, coach, and commercial truck manufacturer, the lead pioneer in the industry, FAW reaffirms its dominant position year-after-year with exciting and cutting edge vehicles that meet and exceed the demands of our customers around the world. We understand and focus on the needs of our customers, delivering outstanding products and service. We are continually in pursuit of perfection and proud to be number one. We know that our performance is measured through the eyes of our customers, and endeavor to exceed their every expectation. We remain dedicated to developing our proprietary brands while continuing to engage in mutually beneficial long-term joint venture cooperation with solid and respected global industry leaders where engineering, manufacturing, and marketing synergies are recognized. Our operating philosophy states that we are our customer's 'first partner', emphasizing the importance that we place on the customer relationship. Our reasons for working with energy, passion, and respect are twofold: to establish and maintain long-term customer relationships, and to build the most desirable vehicles in the world.

Corporate Spirit

Promoting teamwork is the heart of FAW's development. In an atmosphere that inspires a sense of unity, the spirit of innovative thinking, respect for others, personal growth and continuous improvement amongst our employees, we are able to deliver outstanding business results. We are committed to the ongoing development of employee skills at all levels, keeping our people up-to-date with the latest technology. Innovation is the soul of FAW's development. Our passion for innovation and creative thinking runs deeply in the company's culture, giving our employees the support to turn exciting concepts into reality. Personal growth is the backbone of FAW's development. By promoting the personal growth of our employees through their work, we are able to increase the participation of our talented people in the decision-making process and reward them for their outstanding accomplishments. Optimization is a fundamental part of FAW's development. We take full advantages of our vast resources to promote a high performance work culture, enabling us to rise and meet tomorrow's challenges.

Operating Philosophy

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services that reflect our customer's expectations, complimented by a comprehensive world class support network. We endeavor to continuously refine and improve our products, services, and processes to better serve our customers. We continually review the needs and demands of our customers to earn their respect and build long-term relationships. Our 'customer first' philosophy begins with the high quality standards built into each FAW vehicle and extends to our outstanding after-sales support system, demonstrating a clear commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


We endeavor to evolve today's dreams into tomorrow's reality.

Strategic Direction

We are committed to offering the world a full range of quality passenger cars, buses, coaches, and commercial trucks that exceed the needs and demands of our customers. We incorporate the latest technology to deliver exciting products that can benefit society with cutting edge efficiency, world class safety features, and environmentally friendly operation while encouraging energy diversity through the use of hybrid and alternate fuel technologies.