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On July 15th, 1953, under the guidance of the China's Central Committee and with assistance from the former Soviet Union, construction of China's first automotive production base was completed. Known at that time as First Automotive Works (FAW) and now as FAW Group Co., Ltd., this sprawling car and truck manufacturer headquartered in Changchun, China firmly launched the country into the automotive age.

After fifty years of development and refinement, tremendous changes have taken place within FAW. In stark contrast to the early days of producing a single model of medium truck, FAW now produces hundreds of models of light, medium, and heavy trucks for every vocation. In the late 1950's, FAW quickly responded to market demand and commenced automotive and bus production, soon making FAW the leading producer of buses and luxury tourist coaches in China. In stark contrast to our early days, overall production volume has swelled from 30,000 units to an annual figure approaching four million. Under an evolutionary development of corporate infrastructure from that of a traditional state enterprise to a profitable and diversified group organization with the right combination of lean and progressive qualities, FAW is solidly in place to become a global player in the automotive industry.

In December 2001, FAW convened the 11th session of the Party Representative Conference, the company's annual meeting with representatives of the government's Central Committee, and announced that FAW has successfully completed its third ramp-up phase during the 1988-2001 period, more than doubling production, marketing scope, sales income, profit, and employee income. In 2002, FAW extended its goals and announced changes relevant to China's entry into the World Trade Organization that will assure the company's continued growth in the global market.

FAW is entering into an exciting and dynamic new era. From its humble beginning in 1953, FAW has become a major supplier of automobiles, trucks, buses, and coaches around the globe. Under superb leadership accompanied by an outstanding staff of dedicated people, FAW is proudly poised to become the new benchmark for innovation, satisfying the world with the best automobiles and trucks available.

After surpassing the one million unit annual sales figure in 2005, FAW Group Co., Ltd. has set exciting new goals as the company makes use of the latest in information technologies to keep our people and customers connected worldwide, thus ensuring an important competitive edge in the marketplace.